· Lures & Detects Bedbugs & More!
· Detect bedbugs BEFORE your customers are Bitten!
· Custom Glue formula is pesticide free.
· Saves your company thousands of dollars
· Small & Discreet only 2" x 3"

BuggyBeds traps will provide you with an early monitoring detection system that can prevent an expensive infestation and save you thousands of dollars in professional extermination fees. Simply Slide and Hide BuggyBeds traps under the mattress in your hotel, senior center, hospital, couches, floor of movie theaters or any public place. Our customized glue formula will lure bedbugs and alert you immediately to the presence of bedbugs. A simple visual inspection is all it takes. This will allow you to act quickly in preventing a full blown infestation and give your customers peace of mind that they can visit your establishment without being bitten or bringing home unwanted guests!

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Hospitality & Tourism

  · Hotels & Motels  · Travel Agencies  · Senior Centers
  · Air & Train Travel· Entertainment Venues
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Healthcare & Education

  · Hospitals            · Dorm Rooms       · Assisted Living
  · Rehab Centers   · Educational Venues
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Wholesale & Retail

  · Grocery Stores   · Home Centers     · Drug Stores
  · Big Box Stores    · Warehouse Stores
  · Department Stores
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